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The Dictator and the Hammock
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It could explain what is happening in the United States now.

The Tent of Orange Mist
The Tent of Orange Mist
Author: Paul West
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 6040 more book reviews

Kind of an "Empire of the Sun" for girls. Same location, same time, same situation (separated from parents)

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
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Interesting book that combines scientific research with anecdotal storytelling on topics like beginnings, middles, endings, timing during the day, and syncing. Valuable as far as it goes, but I finished feeling Pink only scratched the surface. I wanted more.

Naked Once More
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I was looking for a BROTHER CADFAEL book, and this came up. I read it, but would rather have the other series. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. I have re-posted this book on my list.

The Last Illusion (Molly Murphy)
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This story involves Henry Houdini and his family. I did not find it as good as the other Molly Murphy books. I can't say exactly what's wrong but I was disappointed in the general story. It left me wanting something more.

The Passenger
The Passenger
Author: Lisa Lutz
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 2 more book reviews

Held my interest, but not really a page turner like I expected from the hype. I would say it was a fun, vacation read if you're looking to pass the time at the beach; however, it is not nearly as good as The Spellmans.

Grave Secret (Harper Connelly, Bk 4)
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First Harper Connelly book I've read. This was a pretty good story, but from a suspense thriller point of view it was lacking. There was no good build-up, climax, and twists that you normally see in a book of this type. Very flat storytelling. Even the final ârevealâ with regards to the story's overall mystery was a bit underwhelming.

Dune Messiah (Dune Chronicles, Book 2)
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My husband is rereading this series and loves it. He was so happy I was able to find a copy of Dune Messiah here at PaperBackSwap for him!

Wolf, No Wolf: (Gabriel Du Pre, Bk 3)
reviewed on

I have the whole set and find this one of the most interesting series I have every read. I would recommend this to anyone interested in history or present day mystery.

Cowboy's Redemption (Cahill Ranch, Bk 5) (Harlequin Intrigue, No 1779)
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An exciting book, loosely tied to the Cahill family in Gilt Edge, Montana. Colt is an army helicopter pilot home on leave to settle his father's estate. Not interested in following in his father's footsteps as a rancher, he plans to sell the ranch and return to his unit. Those plans take a back seat when a woman from his past shows up at his door.

Lola was in Montana to get her parents' remains from the cult they had joined. The cult leader refused to hand them over and insisted that Lola had been promised to him by her parents. One escape attempt sent her into Colt's arms before she was taken again. After she was recaptured, Lola discovered she was pregnant with Colt's baby, but she was too closely guarded to escape. After the baby's birth, she was able to make her escape only by leaving Grace behind. Determined to rescue her daughter, she went to Colt for help.

The story opened with a bang, as Lola flees through the woods to get away. It was easy to feel her fear and desperation during that flight. Colt's surprise at finding her at his door in the middle of the night was obvious, but nothing compared to the news that he was a father. I liked the fact that he believed her story and was determined to help her, taking her first to the doctor, then to Sheriff Flint Cahill.

I have to say that I was extremely disappointed in Flint. After hearing her story, and accompanying Colt and Lola to the cult compound, I thought he was far too easily swayed to the cult leader's point of view. With as much publicity as cults have gotten in recent years, any lawman worth his salt should have been far more skeptical. I was a bit disappointed in Colt also, as Jonas's words created some doubt in his mind, but that doubt was quickly erased, and his determination rekindled.

I was glued to the pages as I watched Colt and Lola plan and carry out their rescue of Grace. With frequent glimpses of Jonas's point of view, it was obvious to me that he wasn't going to give up easily, though Colt and Lola thought they were safe. The final confrontation was intense. I liked how Lola actively participated in saving herself and Grace. You definitely don't mess with Mama Bear and her little one!

I liked the development of the relationship between Colt and Lola. There was a deeper connection than just physical attraction between them in their first encounter, and neither had forgotten the other. I liked Lola's instinctive trust of Colt, and her happiness at the way Colt took to being a father. It doesn't take her long to fall for him, but her independence refuses to allow her to accept anything given out of obligation. There were a few times when I felt like she carried that independence a bit too far, but eventually she realized that accepting help didn't make her weak or dependent. I liked Lola's support of Colt as he battled his feelings over Julia's betrayal.

Colt is a little warier of his feelings for Lola, having been burned by his fiancée's betrayal, but he can't deny that he has them. There was a terrific scene between Colt and his ex, which helped him clarify his feelings for Lola. His big moment with Lola was sweet, and I loved the bit about the ring. I wasn't too surprised by his decision regarding his future plans, and loved his decision about some of the ranch lands.

Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage (Mrs. Jeffries, Bk 10)
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This is an light, entertaining series which often baffles me as to the murderer is. However, I was able to ID the dastardly doer in this novel by the middle of the book. Still, while I didn't know the motive, I was quite pleased with myself. :-)

Nate the Great
reviewed on + 79 more book reviews

my granddaughter really liked this book...cute pictures and easy reading content...will be looking at more of Marjorie's stories...wording good for first grade level or advanced kindergarten readers...

Prince of Fire (Gabriel Allon, Bk 5)
reviewed on

After an explosion in Rome destroys the Israeli embassy, Gabriel Allon makes a disturbing discoveryâthe existence of a dossier in terrorist hands that strips away his secrets, and lays bare his history. Drawn into the heart of a service he'd once forsaken, Allon finds himself stalking a master terrorist across a bloody landscape generations in the making. But soon, Allon will wonder who is stalking whom.

When the final showdown comes, it won't be Allon alone who is threatened with destruction. For it is not his history alone that has been exposedâ¦

Women's Murder Club Series 3 Collection Set By James Patterson (Books 11-15)
reviewed on + 79 more book reviews

this series just keeps me hanging on...when I think there is nothing new he can come up with...he shocks me the suspense that pulls me into these books...always looking for more stories by this duo...and especially James Patterson!

Fever (Chemical Garden, Bk 2)
reviewed on + 79 more book reviews

love this series! so many twists and turns! kept me on the edge of my seat! totally believable plot...past references...present day happenings...definitely possible future events...can't wait to read final book in series!

Wither (Chemical Garden, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 79 more book reviews

excellent read! Can't wait to read the series!

Winter Street
Winter Street
Author: Elin Hilderbrand
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 7 more book reviews

Quick but delightful read. A bit predictable.

Too Late to Say Goodbye: A True Story of Murder and Betrayal (Audio CD) (Abridged)
reviewed on + 18 more book reviews

Gripping, and sad, story. Told in a way that made me want to keep listening.

A False Mirror (Inspector Ian Rutledge, Bk 9)
reviewed on + 199 more book reviews

I read this book out of order and found it really didn't make a difference. These stories advance the hero in time and relationships very slowly. I kind of thought I might have identified the killer; however, there seems to be a piece of information that is left out. It is often so obscure that it is hard if not impossible to connect the dots. Also, I don't think the title of this story was tied to the action of the story. I kept wondering how it fit. Recommend.

Life's Little Instruction Book
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I love this book and the sequels. It is my "go-to" gift for graduations - I gave away 4 copies this year!

reviewed on + 2635 more book reviews

I am a lifelong Seventh Day Adventist. Please note David Koresh and the Branch Davidians are not an offspring of our church.They are their own entity and are not in any way related to Seventh Day ADventists. Whoever wrote the above description made a serious error that needs to be corrected.

A Coin for the Hangman
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If I had to tell you what there was about A Coin for the Hangman that made me buy it, I couldn't. I just don't remember. What I do know is that I'm extremely happy that I took advantage of the sale. What a marvelous read!

Ralph Spurrier tells his story from multiple points of view, and this device works perfectly. One is the voice of the bookseller in 2006 who wonders just what he's got his hands on. Another is the voice of George Tanner, a British soldier who stayed after war's end to guard Nazi prisoners while they were put on trial. The third voice we pick up in 1953-- Reginald Manley, one of the last hangmen in England. His is a voice of such supreme self-confidence that it borders on hubris. Finally, the fourth voice is that of the condemned man, Henry Eastman, and we learn about him from his youth at the beginning of World War II to his death in 1953. Each voice has an important part of the story to tell, but it was lonely, misunderstood Henry that I came to care for most.

I was enjoying the story so much that I wished it would slow down... or that my reading speed would. Each voice is so distinct, and each one drew me right into not only the story, but into the time period itself. Manley and Tanner both helped liberate a Nazi concentration camp-- a section that was almost visceral in its impact, but I think some of the best scenes in the book involved the effects of the war on families. How those blackout curtains meant that family life shrank into just one room (the kitchen), and-- even more importantly-- how difficult it could be for both men and women to pick up their disrupted relationships after the war.

I didn't do very well when it came to solving the mystery in A Coin for the Hangman. If only I'd given one critical scene more thought instead of merely finding it puzzling as I raced on to the conclusion! This is a story where the vagaries of fate, coincidence, and even a misplaced word can all have consequences. At book's end, I was left with a profound sense of loss-- and the knowledge that I'd just read a remarkable book. I'm definitely going to keep an eye peeled for more books by Ralph Spurrier.

The Dry Grass of August
reviewed on + 1300 more book reviews

What a roller coaster of emotions that you will feel reading this book. The main character stays true to herself and is learning that there are differences in the world that she does not believe in. Each character was well developed and had their own voice, adding to the layers that are taking place in this story. A very good book, makes you think, wonder, cry,laugh, get angry, and have hope. I hope this author has another story to tell.

I Know Why We're Here: An Ordinary Woman, An Extraordinary Psychic Gift
reviewed on + 5 more book reviews

A very enjoyable book about an absolutely extraordinary woman. I read it in one day.

Keturah (Sugar Baron's Daughters, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 1026 more book reviews

âKeturahâ what an unusual name! This is the first thing that drew my attention to the book. The story is as unique as its name. Being the oldest of three girls, responsibility falls heavily on Keturah's shoulders when they receive word their Father has died. Their mother has already passed on and their Dad was absent much of their lives making his fortune with a plantation on the island in the West Indies. Unfortunately the estate is not doing well and the girls could lose everything. Unable to provide for them Keturah makes the decision to leave their beloved home in England and try to restore the plantation. Also traveling there is her childhood friend Gary Covington with whom her friendship was severed due to his unscrupulous youth. He too hopes to salvage his family plantation and protect the girls.
At a young age she is already a widow and carries the emotional scars of an abusive husband. Not only has this led her vow to never marry but has also made her stubborn, headstrong woman, determined to do everything on her own.
Even for the wealthy sea travel was no piece of cake. I was fascinated by the author's vivid description of a long sea voyage during that period. It was dangerous, miserable, boring and exhausting. Single women were certainly not safe traveling alone with the sailors and other men on the ship. I have no clue how they survived in the tight space they were given!
Getting there was only a small part of the battle. That era was a âman's worldâ and the cruelty, rejection and prejudice against the women was more than I could have imagined. The abusiveness, with which the slaves were treated, broke my heart! Seemingly insurmountable obstacles, loneliness, exhausting work and painful secrets didn't stop her. Her headstrongness served her well. I admired her strong faith in God and choosing to look at her blessings when all seemed to be falling apart. I learned a many new details about that era. A beautiful story!
I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I stated are my own.

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