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His Christmas Countess (Lords of Disgrace, Bk 2) (Harlequin Historical, No 1260)
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The second book in the Lord's of Disgrace Series.
This is Grantham (Grant) Rivers and Catherine (Kate) Hardings story.
When I started reading, I came to the conclusion that I should have read the first book of the series "His Housekeepers Christmas Wish" before jumping into "His Christmas Countess" story. Right at the beginning it is mentioned that he had suffered a head injury and that was the apparent reason he was still on the road on Christmas Eve. But this does not really distract from the basic story of Grant and Kate.
The story starts out with Catherine unwed and with child caught out in the middle of nowhere in the winter in Scotland. She had been robbed of her purse leaving her penniless. She was now also in labor. She found a shelter in a tumbledown cottage and prayed for a miracle for her baby.
When Catherine heard a snort of a horse and a man's voice, she scrambled to hide behind a plank table that had collapsed.
Grant had not seen any houses for miles and decided to stop when he saw a tumbledown cottage, a place which could be called technically a but and hen (one half for the beasts, one half for the family. He was lost, his horse had a sore hoof and it looked like snow. His grandfather had been ailing and the last communication said he was not expected to last the night. His little son, Charlie was probably alone and needed him as much as Grant needed his son. But it would be irresponsible for him to continue until his horse was fed and rested. He needed the rest himself.
When Grant entered the cottage, he heard a low moan. He pulled away the table only to find a woman in labour and desperate. Talking kindly to her and trying to alleviate her fears he knelt beside her and told her "I'm a doctor, it is going to be alright, trust me."
He worked to make her comfortable. Catherine just kept telling herself to thinking of the baby and Grant Rivers as a guardian angel.
Grant was a widower and his grandfather's heir. His son, Charlie, needed a mother. He had been making excuses to not marry which was his grandfather's wish so he asked Catherine what she was going to do next since she told him the father had died. She said "Do next? I don't know." He blurted out "We're still in Scotland. There are two men, farmers coming along the track." Witnesses. " Kate- Marry me." He told her that she would have the protection of his name and her baby would not be illegitimate.
So that is how it began....a germ of an idea put into action. Both had things they did not want to share with one another. Catherine had secrets. Could they overcome all these and make a love match of their marriage. Trust plays an important part in any relationship. Grant and Kate needed to realize this before they get their happiness ever after. Happy Reading!

Heart on the Line
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Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer
Ladies of Harper's Station Series Book Two
Grace Mallory has been on the run for over a year. She has to finish the job her father started, but she hasn't found the evidence yet. She's found sanctuary in Harper's Station for the past year...but her enemy has finally caught up to her.

Amos Bledsoe is waiting for the right woman to come into his life. The women in his town haven't even given him a chance. He's not that handsome, brawny, cowboy type the women go for. When he becomes friends with a fellow telegraph operator, he considers meeting her in person. Hoping she isn't a fifty-something grandmother.

I fell in love with Amos' character. He's not the usual type hero. He finds himself in Harper's Station around men like Marshal Shaw and Ben Porter...big men who are able to protect their women with their bodies and guns. But Amos has something more...his affection for Grace gives him strength beyond what he even knew he had in him. Loved it.
**Received from Bethany House for an honest review

Plain Missing (Amish Mystery)
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Rachel Mast has left the Amish faith, but is home to help her mom with cancer treatments.....and you are immediately drawn into the story of intrigue and mystery about a murder wrapped in an Amish setting. Although I haven't read the other books in this series, you aren't lost quickly and can catch up to where the characters are in their life journey. Filled with lessons of faith, family first, and community care this was an enjoyable, easy to read story that kept you interested until the very end.

Jed's Junior Space Patrol
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This is a TRULY strange book. Even in the wrold of I-tired-to-write-a-kid's-book-but-ended-up-with-postmodern-surealist-horror; this one stands out.

The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story (Oxford World's Classics)
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No, by today's standard, it is not a horror story at all. It was more humorous, and the people behave very implausibly. I'm glad the introduction explained this story, otherwise I would not have bothered to finish it.

Into the Water
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I give up. Kindle says that I have read 52% of this book, but I can't do this anymore. Generally I finish every book I start or at least give up sooner as I am compulsive, but my husband got tired of listening to me complain that I didn't want to go to bed because I didn't want to read. Tonight he said "Your life is going to be too short anyway, so don't finish the book."

This has nothing to do with expectations from The Girl on a Train; I did not read The Girl on a Train. I may never read The Girl on a Train now. (I'm not even sure I have the title correct).

Into the Water was just too confusing without being engaging. Chapters are narrated by what seemed to be 20 different characters, and it was difficult to remember who each one was and the relationships between the other characters. Every time I put the book down and picked it up again I'd forget who everyone was. The plot had something to do with a bunch of women killing themselves in the same body of water, and a bunch of the survivors are mad and pointing the finger at each other. The town cop may have been a perv or something too...... I am not sure, like I said, very confusing.

Through The Kaleidoscope and Beyond
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Yes, it's a book about Kaleidoscopes. What did you think?

Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch, Bk 15)
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A new homicide case has Harry Bosch investigating the death of a Chinese man who owned a liquor store. It seems like a robbery gone wrong, but Harry's investigation points to a Chinese triad (gang) connection. When Harry and Detective Chu make an arrest in the case, Harry receives a video of his daughter, Maddie, who has been kidnapped in Hong Kong. Harry drops everything to go to Hong Kong and rescue his daughter from the hands of the triad.

Another entertaining Harry Bosch mystery from Michael Connelly. I liked the whole triad angle of this story. Harry working with his ex-wife and her friend, Sun Yee, while looking for Maddie was interesting. The whole story was pretty good, but I was disappointed by how the end was written and how we were told about exactly what happened. That didn't work for me since I'd rather be "shown" instead of "told". My rating: 4 Stars.

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This had a likable lead character but I was never sure what kind of story this was - a quest with a band of travelers? a story of monsters? a coming of age father/son tale? are we in Britain or Norway or a made up fantasy land? I spent a lot of time feeling confused and as an American I had trouble with certain pronunciations that were used (i.e. skeletal). There were other issues with the fact that it was audio and not written for me as well. The boat is called a "batter" which was confusing for a long time until a character called it a boat and the lead explained it was a "batter." Is it really "bateau" when written? Is it a fantasy element that's made up (it has eyes)? Very creative, but it didn't work for this listener.

Twice a Hero, Always Her Man (Matchmaking Mamas, Bk 17) (Harlequin Special Edition, No 2522)
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Good book. The matchmaking mamas are at it again. Their friend Connie wants their help finding someone for her daughter. Ellie's husband had been killed two years earlier and she feels that Ellie is just going through the motions of living. Maizie and company come up with the who, and fate drops the how into their laps. I loved Maizie's conversation with the station manager. What she doesn't know is that there is already a connection between Ellie and Colin. When Ellie arrives to interview Colin, she recognizes him as the officer who had been first on the scene at the robbery. She still feels guilty that she had never thanked him for all he did, but during the interview isn't the time to do it. She doesn't expect the first spark of feeling she's had since her husband's death to happen when talking to Colin.

Colin is a great guy. He used to be quite a ladies man, then his brother and sister-in-law were killed in an accident, making him the guardian of his ten year old niece, Heather. He never hesitated, but changed his entire life in order to be what she needed. He's also pretty humble, and isn't all that thrilled to be the center of attention in Ellie's story. He is intrigued by her, plus there is something about her that keeps picking at his brain. I loved the way that he indulged Heather by setting up a chance for her to meet Ellie. It turned out way differently than he expected, especially when he was called into work and Ellie offered to stay with Heather.

This was the beginning of a pretty sweet relationship. There were a few bumps at the beginning as Ellie keeps putting off telling Colin about their connection, until such time as Colin figured it out himself. He didn't take it all that well, as he still feels guilty for not being able to save her husband, and thinks she hid the connection until she could get even with him. I ached for Colin and how he is still haunted by that night. Ellie is suffering from some guilt of her own. First, that she blames herself for what happened to him, something that she has been suppressing for way too long. I loved Colin's tenderness and kindness when she finally fell apart. She's also feeling some guilt over the feelings that are growing for Colin. I really enjoyed the slow and steady growth of their feelings for each other. There were some marvelous scenes that showed just how right they were for each other. I loved Ellie's arrival with the puppy for Heather, and how Colin used that as a way to keep Ellie in their lives. Ellie's nurturing heart was shown in the way she loved to cook for them. The Thanksgiving scene was great, especially her horror that they were going to go to a restaurant to eat. As they grew closer, Ellie's biggest fear was that she would lose Colin the way she lost her husband. I ached for her at the end, when she had to face her fears, and loved the strength of will she showed. The ending was a heartfelt expression of emotions on both their parts and I loved the honesty between them.

I also adored young Heather. Her love for her Uncle Colin was obvious, as was her appreciation of all that he had changed for her. He is equally smitten with her, and I loved his struggles with finding the balance between being the fun uncle and the responsible dad. I enjoyed her quick connection with Ellie and how much fun the two had together. She was also pretty realistic, with her occasional sadness over the loss of her parents, mixed with the natural resilience of being a kid. The scenes with her and the puppy were fantastic, and I could see how perfect they were together. I loved the story the author told at the beginning of how Pancakes came to be part of the story.

Michigan: Travel Smart Trip Planner (1st ed)
reviewed on + 18 more book reviews

Good information and suggestions on places to go.

The Invention of Wings
reviewed on

The Invention of Wings is by Sue Monk Kidd, the author of the best-selling book, The Secret Life of Bees. It is the story of two Charleston, S.C., sisters and the young slave girl that was given to one of the sisters wrapped up with ribbons for her eleventh birthday. I find it difficult to read about topics such as slavery and the holocaust because I find it difficult to hold on to hope and the promise of something better when immersed in these topics. Yet, this book of historical fiction provided a glimpse of how everyday people can rise to greatness in refusing to accept slavery then and continued racism and sexism today. This beautifully written book gave me hope that we can all rise to build a world that values each person and respects the creativity that each of us brings to life.

52 Scrapbooking Challenges
52 Scrapbooking Challenges
Author: Elsie Flannigan
Book Type: Paperback
reviewed on + 24 more book reviews

I love anything by Elsie. She inspires me to think outside the box!

The Tournament
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The Tournament had some aspects of a solid historical mystery. The occasion of a chess tournament in the Sultan's palace provided a lush, exotic, character-rich background that Reilly used, mostly, to good advantage. But inconsistency was a problem throughout. While Elizabeth and Ascham were well written, and their relationship struck just the right note, the rest of the characters were only sketchily drawn. Plot pacing was hit-or-miss, even though the main story usually managed to be interesting, if not always plausible.

The major issue was Elsie, Elizabeth's ditzy companion. Elsie's sexual conquests were many, her tales about them long and quite explicit. Whenever she began talking, the prose shifted suddenly and inexplicably to an oddly stilted, scripted cadence, and content that made Elsie sound like a third-rate porn star. For me she effectively torpedoed the book, and I can't for the life of me understand why Reilly thought Elsie's exploits were worth including. This isn't an author I'll look for again

The Patron Saint of Liars

Well written story about an unwanted pregnancy and a home for Unwed Mothers. The characters were interesting, as well as the story.

Murder in the Mystery Suite (Book Retreat, Bk 1)
reviewed on + 259 more book reviews

love this series about a feisty mom of twin boys who manages the family resort and just happens to be a guardian of a secret library.

Murder in the Paperback Parlor (Book Retreat, Bk 2)
reviewed on + 259 more book reviews

love this series about a feisty mom of twin boys who manages the family resort and just happens to be a guardian of a secret library.

Murder in the Secret Garden (Book Retreat, Bk 3)
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I really like this series with a mom of twins who is a resort manager and a kind of secret agent. Many interesting facts about herbs and their uses. What I found lacking in this book compared to the others in the series was some of the subplots left hanging. Who won that rubber duck race?

Key of Light (Key, Bk 1) (Audio Cassette) (Abridged)
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Loved the entire trilogy. Fell in love with all the characters. In the beginning I was not sure because I do not any occult in my head. Turns out just fantasy

The October List
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If not the very best book I've EVER read, it's definitely among the top 5. WOW WOW WOW

Servants of the Storm
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Pretty good book! Im not happy about the ending but it sure looks like there will be a book 2.

Deadly Collection (Molly Doyle, Bk 3)
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I have read all her books and just wish she had lived longer to write more. Easy and quick read. Used to go to Monterey/Carmel area on weekends so enjoyed stories of area.

Crazy House
Crazy House
Author: James Patterson
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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I cannot give this any kind of rating, one star is too much

Compared to Hunger Games and Divergent, which I didn't read thank goodness and didn't see the movies thank goodness, this must be written for the YA reader but beware it has lots of foul language and violence

I try to read in the genre so I can pass on information to that age group in the family and this one they might like but for me it was pretty boring and just stupid

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Ending a good book is like losing a friend and Brida proves to be no different. Can't wait to read more of Coelho's material. Brida's quest for answers and the description of her past lives holds your attention.

The Damagers (Matt Helm, Bk 27)
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I'm a big Matt Helm fan and this is currently the last Matt Helm novel. It was a fun read and I enjoyed spending the time with a familiar character.

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